Tuesday, 1 September 2009

How to get more use out of your swimming pool during the summer season

How to get more use out of your swimming pool during the summer season?
Erm! Run that by me again! “How to get more use out of your swimming pool during the summer season?” What do you mean??? You may think “This guy has flipped his lid” but it’s a valid question

We’re now near the end of the swimming pool season. “What season I hear you cry???”Exactly “What Season” I could be wrong but I would say we have hardly used our swimming pools this year with all the rain we’ve had (not to mention the old credit crunch). What happened to the barbecue summer that was forecast (Weathermen/woman bashing over… Well we all make mistakes)

In the UK there didn’t seem to be much if any of a dry Summer this year unless you count the Five or so days of 30C degrees we had in June or was it May (I cannot remember it’s been so long). I know July was a bit of a washout and it was not much better in August. This week is the beginning of a new month and today is Tuesday 1st September. We have the remnants of a tropical storm heading our way. Oh goody!

So as I and my fellow compatriots work outside (Yes I am a hands on kinda pool guy) We also have had our share of problems with the weather. So I’ve decided to use an old ”polytunnel” frame I’ve got stored away. (it was for growing some fresh veggies but they’ll have to wait a little longer), for working undercover. I may have to modify it of course and strengthen it to withstand a windy day (not sure about an ex tropical storms though but we’ll see when the next one comes along).

But that also lead me to the thought of using a polytunnel as a swimming pool enclosure. The usual swimming pool enclosure can be quite expensive, and during this holding back on the spending to much money period, this maybe a temporary (or permanent) cheaper alternative. The idea is you fix and secure anchor or base plates in position around the swimming pool then cover the polytunnel frame with a sheet of polythene have doorways each end and Voi-la. You have a pool enclosure that doesn’t cost the earth and you could swim in almost all year round.

What are the planning regulations for Polytunnels? In general you do not need planning permission for sheds, greenhouses, summerhouses or polytunnels. However you will need to apply for planning permission if the polytunnel is nearer to any road than the nearest part of the house, unless there’s at least 20m between the polytunnel and a road. You can’t build over 3m high (or more than 4m if it has a pitched roof). A pitched roof has its ridge at the centre, and both sides slope down at the same angle – this accurately describes a polytunnel roof. First Tunnels

Take extra care if your site has a listed building or resides in a conservation area, national park, or area of outstanding natural beauty. There are further restrictions to planning in these cases. Please click here to go to the Planning portal. but also contact your local planning authority to make sure

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