Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Finding a good builder (Part 2)

Finding a good builder (Part 2)

In Part 1 We said finding a good builder is said to be notoriously difficult to find and if you unwittingly obtain the services of a cowboy builder in it can turn into a nightmare.

You've had the architects in, the plans and building regs have been drawn, written, submitted and approved,

You've chosen your list of builders.(Say three) You've looked at their work and thats fine your satisfied.

Their quotes are within your budget (I assume you would have worked out how much it should cost you plus you've added 10% on top for unforseen eventuallities baring in mind you don't know whats underneath. i.e Rock, a stream, sand, a main sewer pipe, Cables, water, gas, old infill, even a mine shaft is possible.

So allow for this and before you start do some investigations yourself, Ask around the locality go to the council offices. Theres one site called Britain Beneath Our Feet  click on the link Hazards!,and you are able to see what lies beneath your feet in your area.

Another clue to whats underneath is to look at the street name or the house name. Trellech springs road gives you a good clue to whats beneath. Where what would you think is beneath Rock Cottage (it's not just the fact that the cottage is built out of rock.) So as you see there's more to it that just  Finding a good builder
Yeap! There's much investigation to do before you even think of signing the contract
Part 3 follows soon
Good luck

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