Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Why is the barn conversion on stop? An Interlude (Voice over courtesy of Darth Vader)

I'm waiting for planning for permission (hopefully) to extend the conversion because the current layout and size of the rooms are too small.
So here is a short interlude with a voiceover from Darth Vader (that would be me with the heavy breathing) Oh and an airplane going over........
Please ignore the poor quality filmwork......... I'm only human......... (Last time I looked)

Friday, 27 March 2009

Buzzard and a King Fisher in my garden

Took these images & video some time ago of a Buzzard and at another time a Kingfisher perched by the pond and occasionaly after my fish! They are mainly tiddlers ......Tench.
Not a very good video but you can just spot the Kingfisher orange breast perched in the centre

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Nothing today on the blog Except I took the plans down to planning for the extension on the side...It's awaiting game now Wish me luck more tomorrow

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Over the moon

Over the Moon
Planning has been very helpful
The Wall can be removed and replaced with Conc block which in turn gives me more stone to use on the outside wall of the barn
Also I pointed out about the height of the external wall being raised and that there would be a 4-6 inch gutter between the conversion and the existing house ok on that one
Then to top it all asked if we could extend outwards at the rear Was told to send in a plan with a red outline and they would lok at the propoal but she said they cannot foresee any problems....More on this later I'm just really chuffed to bit's

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The pillars are down

The pillars are down and I'm retrieving some stone from the pillars The rest is broken bricks and rubbish
Tomorrow the planner is arriving hopefully she'll let me take down this pinend and rebuild in blockwork
This stonewall pinend is cracked and it's bulging plus there's no foundation I also have to cut out for a doorway so by the time all that stone comes out I don't thing it will be that safe

I only hope the planner See's it that way. The one other thing is the wall will become "internal and plastered so it won't be seen

Gone fishing

Happy Birthday today to my son Michael Who is in Yeovil today I believe

The fish are looking well Pond water doesn't seem to bad

We gave the pond and the filters a bit of a spring clean over the weekend

This pond has been in for around 2 years

I wanted to just keep it as a wildlife pond, but some rellies fetched some fish they they didn't want the postman gave us some fish cos he was over stocked. Fish where coming from everywhere. My daughter purchase two carp....So much for the wildlife pond but I am grateful to everyone for the fish thank you

I now want to get hold of a solar panel/battery etc to run the pump next and cut down on the use of fossil fuels an out power bill......A double wammy

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Barn Conversion Cont......

(The Barn) Looks like we may underpin or take the pine end down & rebuild in blockwork. Theres' No foundations and the wall is bulging. Still we could do with more stone. It's the time and Xtra cost of materials and I have contact the BCO and planning and see where they stand on this It's a Pain in the bum. More to do with what the planners will allow than anything Damn nuisance

Monday, 16 March 2009

The barn conversion

Not much of interest to talk about today except working out the angle of the roof and the distance down to the finished floor level at the intersect. Having to allow for the depth of the timber rafters (150mm/6"), the insulation on the rafters 50mm/2" the roof battens and counter battens not forgetting the felt underlay, slates and the plasterboard

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Here we go The barn conversion

OK I've just started removing some of the roof timbers. (Got the splinter in the hand)

As you can see, the pillars (if you can call them that) are inadequate; but even though I've had the nod from planning to repair or replace some of the stone wall; I still have to be careful what I can take down because they could still take planning away even if any of the wall fell down and that could include the pillars, so for now those "pillars" can stay there. They're not in the way..... yet

I can get the digger in there now and tidy the floor up before I take some levels.... Sam likes to get in the picture too

Next stage will be to a visit from the BCO (Building Contro Officer) to discuss width and depth of foundations...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The dreaded "Mental Block"

You're in the midst of a "Mental Block"

Don't fight it, just go with the flow and don't think of anything!!!
You may need a rest from all those missions you're on, all that thinking and creating can be no good for you sometimes

So no matter how much YOU want to get on with work missions creating etc, the brain box has decided it's burnt out and needs a rest to Re-charge

Nothing really bad is going to happen if you miss a deadline or you can't create or your late now is it?

Will you be injured? Or will you die? Would it really hurt if you had to let someone down?
No! Not really

You won't be held to account for the rest of your life
So the answer is "go with flow. Go with the mental block & think of nothing............empty

YOUR world is not going to end because you chilled out and nobody will be harmed!
So Blank your mind. Have a break for as long as it takes (There's no time limit because it doesn't usually take long) and you'll be amazed You'll be refreshed and champing at the bit ready to go......


Monday, 9 March 2009

Spring is in the water

The birds are twitting, and the frogs are croaking It's lovely to watch the wildlife