Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Finding a good builder (Part 1)

Finding a good builder (Part 1)

      Finding a good builder is said to be notoriously difficult to find and if you unwittingly obtain the services of a cowboy builder in it can turn into a nightmare.

       You've had the architects in, the plans and building regs have been drawn, written, submitted and approved, but as yet you haven't had any quotes or estimates from a builder.

       You could start by asking friends and colleges what builders they may know of or if they know of anyone whose had a builder in to do work for them.

       If you don't wish to ask a friend or colleges "You must do" some extra leg work and look around locally at other property where others are either currently in the process of having construction work done, or who have had construction work completed. (Preferably the later) Then pluck up the courage, go and ask the householder for their opinion of the builders work and what the builder is like to deal with. Write out a list out of questions you'd like to ask, but try not to make it look like your asking questions for a survey. Some people find this objectionable where others are onl;y too pleased to help

       Just ask Important questions like one of the most important questions is "What is the quality of the builders work like?" Or just cut to the chase and ask "What do you think of your builder quility of work and have you any "major" complaints about their attitude
Well that's the start and end of finding a good builder (Part 1) In part 2 There's more legwork to do as we start looking through directories etc and some plain advice about starting a building project and you having peace of mind while the project is in process...

John Cox Builderwall

Saturday, 22 August 2009

When is it the right time to builderwall The summer season?

When is it the right time to builderwall or start a home improvement project. Is it the spring/summer season??

Some would say wait till the spring season to builderwall, the bad weather should have eased off by then. and it should be much dryer
(Much Dryer!!! When is there a right time in the UK for it to be dry???)

pretty sure everyone doesn't know the answer to that question. But you would have thought at least the late spring to summer would be dry? Er! well! it does dry up much quicker than the winter months
(When it stops raining) And we did have temperatures up into the 30's... Yes we did... For about a week, and the temperatures are then too high for some types of building works to commence. Lime or cement rendering mortars dry up before they've had chance to set high temperatures can be every bit as bad as frost attack.

There are those who do not want building work to commence in the summer season, because they just don't want the mess and the dust around, and just want to enjoy the summer sun, and wait till the end of the summer season to start there project.

So what are the advantages/disadvantages of having the builders in during the spring and summer seasons?
  • Question: It's Dryer? Less days lost due to inclement weather?
  • Answer: Well that theory has gone out the window. I've seen more dryer winters than summers. The weatherman have not been my favorite person this year (All though it's not there fault for the change in weather patterns).
  • Question: You can work longer hours?
  • Answer: I don't think so. The builder will still work the same hours though occasionally the builder may work on and he can still do this in the winter with the correct lighting (On many occasions roadworks on motorways are performed at night). Though some works can't be carried out in artificial light.
  • Question: Doesn't the frost affect the build?
  • Answer: It sure does, but when do we get many frosty winter days? How often are the temperatures below freezing? But then there are means and ways of protecting work from frost attack.
  • Question: Couldn't the builder start the external works in the Spring or Summer season and move indoors during the Autumn/Winter time
  • Answer: Yes that is one advantage, but then what if it's raining most of the summer season? And previous to that there was a long dry winter spell?

At one time I would have said wait till March/April to start a project, but nowadays apart from the difference in temperatures (and I've said many a time during a summer season "Jeep's it's cold and wet!!!.....It's more like February than July...") and the longer nights there's not much to choose from anymore.

So really No time is the best time to start a project

No season is the best season to builderwall