Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Finding a good builder (Part 1)

Finding a good builder (Part 1)

      Finding a good builder is said to be notoriously difficult to find and if you unwittingly obtain the services of a cowboy builder in it can turn into a nightmare.

       You've had the architects in, the plans and building regs have been drawn, written, submitted and approved, but as yet you haven't had any quotes or estimates from a builder.

       You could start by asking friends and colleges what builders they may know of or if they know of anyone whose had a builder in to do work for them.

       If you don't wish to ask a friend or colleges "You must do" some extra leg work and look around locally at other property where others are either currently in the process of having construction work done, or who have had construction work completed. (Preferably the later) Then pluck up the courage, go and ask the householder for their opinion of the builders work and what the builder is like to deal with. Write out a list out of questions you'd like to ask, but try not to make it look like your asking questions for a survey. Some people find this objectionable where others are onl;y too pleased to help

       Just ask Important questions like one of the most important questions is "What is the quality of the builders work like?" Or just cut to the chase and ask "What do you think of your builder quility of work and have you any "major" complaints about their attitude
Well that's the start and end of finding a good builder (Part 1) In part 2 There's more legwork to do as we start looking through directories etc and some plain advice about starting a building project and you having peace of mind while the project is in process...

John Cox Builderwall

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