Tuesday, 1 September 2009

How do you build in this constant bad weather?

How do you build in this constant bad weather?

       We’re now near the end of the Hot! Dry! summer season.
Erm! Pardon! “What Hot! Dry! Summer I hear you cry???
What Season was it? Answer A warm winter with lighter nights

       I could be wrong but I would say (being the smug clever builder that I am ("Joking")) We have hardly had a clear dry spell this year summer although apart from some snow at the beginning of the year (February I think) there was a dryer period in March and April increase in rain as May and June came along (as indicated by the Weather graph for Thornbury, just outside Bristol).  With all the rain we’ve had, what happened to that barbecue summer that was forecast (Weathermen/woman bashing over… Well we all make mistakes)

       Anyway back to my question: How do you build in this constant bad weather?
  1. Just work out in the wet... well macho man builder can work out in the rain if he wants. I did it for years and got soaked to the skin and the job was a mess, baring in mind it was less wet back then.
  2. Knock a frame up with some 2x2 and cover with a sheet
  3. Well if you're building a house perhaps scaffolding erected and covered with tarpaulins before the walls etc are built same with a an extension
  4. For small jobs use the tubular or folding gazebos (tied down) but these tend to buckle or break if a strong gust of wind catches them
  5. Invest in a polytunnel as wide as 30ft and up to 90ft  maybe longer if you required
       Well I'm going to choose one or more of these (Except No.1). The gazebo for small building jobs and a polytunnel for the march larger types of construction, i.e a swimming pools or ground works like drainage

       It will be worth the initial investment No more wondering day by day what the weather is going to do the next day Although there will be times when it will be unavoidable and we'll have to work outside but as i said it will be worth it. ..
How do you build in this constant bad weather? Buy a Polytunnel

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