Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Osprey Pools

“Swimming” A great ‘pick me up’ for mind and body

One of the best “all-round, none-impact” fitness regimes around. Even if you just play around in your swimming pool, by the time you grab the handrails and pull yourself out of the pool you’d have done as much exercise as if you’ve ran a 6 mile jog ,and it’s all because of the constant resistance and pushing against pool water. You’re using double or more of your strength and energy in a swimming pool than on dry land the benefits and rewards are enormous

Become Stronger, Fitter, Leaner * Toned up, no more bingo wings or sagging waste-line * Less tiredness and fatigue * Happier and more confident in yourself, which in turn makes others around you relaxed, bright and cheerful * Your ability to take on the world improves * The extra bonuses are you’ll loose weight without trying and if you’ve had trouble sleeping!!! Well! you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise and have one of the best sleeps ever. Osprey Pools

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